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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't Be Afraid To Step Out On Faith

Don't Be Afraid To Step Out On Faith

Many of us have dreams and aspirations we would like to accomplish. Some of those are big while others are smaller, whatever it is we all would like to make our dreams apart of our reality. When our goals seem bigger than us or less obtainable we sometimes put them off or decide to let them go. Today I say don't let your dreams fade or linger on, Step out on faith.

Stepping out in faith can feel uncomfortable and a little scary not knowing the outcome. If we never take the first step we will never take a second. Think of a baby when he or she gets ready to adventure out walking. The baby seems nervous about trying and often will give up several times before they take the first step. In the inside that baby knows that he or she was destined to walk. So the baby at some point with much persistence decides to step out on faith. That child does not know what waits ahead of them or what could possibly happen but they understand the reward is greater in trying then to not ever learn at all. In a sense walking is a big part of who they are.

There are probably things you would love to do but fear and the thought of failure has crippled your ability to do them. I say, allow the champion in you to conquer this battle and believe with God all things are possible.

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